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The IASIU is a non-profit organization consisting of insurance fraud investigators, law enforcement agents and insurance professionals dedicated to combating insurance fraud.

  • Promoting a coordinated industry effort to combat insurance fraud
  • Providing education and training for insurance investigators
  • Developing greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem
  • Encouraging a high standard of professional conduct among insurance investigators; and
  • Supporting legislation that acts as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud.

Encouraging members in the development and implementation of programs designed to facilitate the coordination and cooperation with law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in the investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud crimes.

The Alabama Chapter of the IASIU is a strong chapter with ever growing membership throughout Alabama. Members of our chapter enjoy benefits such as:

  • Monthly meetings which include presentations on a variety of industry-related topics.
  • Free access to the online website, http://al-iasiu.com.
  • Timely Notification of SIU employment opportunities.
  • The latest and greatest in training news and opportunities.
  • Other events that provide networking opportunities.


The Alabama Chapter of the IASIU represents more than 60 insurance and self-insured companies around the state. The AL-IASIU is open to anyone that works in the insurance or self-insured special investigation units, special agents or supervisors of the National Insurance Crime Bureau or Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau as well as insurance company personnel who support the investigative process and the law enforcement community involved in insurance fraud investigation through the state of Alabama. Membership Benefits include networking opportunities with industry peers, discounts to the annual seminar on insurance fraud, as well as insider knowledge on insurance fraud prevention best practices. In addition, membership in the AL-IASIU looks great on a resume and shows that you are a motivated and experienced fraud prevention specialist.

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